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  • Build up your kingdom and compete with other players in online strategy game.
  • Last updated on 3/6/2014
  • There have been 9 updates

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Dragon Kingdom is a fun, nation-building simulator with amazing graphics, but it can get very old, very quickly. The game uses an obvious formula that anyone who has played a similar Facebook-oriented game will catch on to in no time. Still, the game's incredibly charming look and feel, combined with a very active -- if challenging -- contingent of users, will keep a lot of gamers pleased.

This game makes you the king of an ancient land where you'll have to frequently fight off hordes of invading dragons, as well as other players. You do this by building and improving your resources, completing quests and achieving higher levels, just like you would in other timed games. Like its ilk, Dragon Kingdom will give you notifications when you're done building or upgrading a resource, so you always know when to check in. The game's sign-up was closed when we tested it, so we had to log in with our Facebook account to gain access. Be careful when you do this, as the game will try to post to your page and access your friends' list if left unchecked. The game only lets you pick a username that is six letters or less, so all of the real words are taken. Most of the game's players are at very high levels, making combat difficult.

It's tough to get into the game, but many people will be hooked once they play. Dragon Warfare has some very addictive qualities to it, and backs them up with some seriously impressive graphics. Some gamers will be turned off by its repetitive, Farmville-like play style, though.

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June 26, 2012
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March 6, 2014
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Android 2.1 and above
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Developer's Description

Build up your kingdom and compete with other players in online strategy game.
Dragon Kingdom is highly addictive and a fun one to share with your friends. You can't help but notice various elements of other popular games in Dragon Kingdom for Android. However, the game feels unique in its own way as well. Dragon Kingdom is challenging and fun to play. And there are plenty of levels to keep you engrossed for hours. And this game comes from an old legend. Its developer X6 Game was founded in 2005, which is one of the best mobile game developers in China. Join the magic grand FREE online strategy game with the players from all over the world right now!BackgroundIn the remote continent of Elentyre, the ancient Dragon monster has existed for some 10,000 years, and this continent is called Dragon Kingdom. With their unparalleled magical power, the fertile land was ruled, as well as other weak races. For a long time, the Dragon Kingdom was being covered by darkness and oppression, like a dungeon, and the weak were suffering in silence.Until that day, the birthday of a hero of human - Kyradie, who held the sacred sword and led people who are keen on freedom to raise and fight.When the drum of war sounds, races abandoned in the darkness - dark elf, gray dwarf, orcs and blue-eyed trolls, could not wait to raise weapons that were polished long before this, and they followed their hero Kyradie to attack the ancient dragon monster, to fight for the freedom, treasure and power.The fire of war illuminate the silent evening of this world...However, the long-last war ended up with the failure of rebels. The hero Kyradie had to turn to the world of blue ocean. While leading the only remaining soldiers, fighting the dragon monster, he was sending all kids to sails for the sea, and wishing them a new world beyond the sea.In front of all the ships, large and small, Kyradie spoke to all kids, "I am the hero Kyradie. I defend only one simple belief in my whole life that one should fight for freedom. The dragon monster may destroy my armor, while they could never destroy my belief. My son, one day you'll grow up, and till then, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, I hope you remember that you must defend your belief with your life, if you do believe something. Good luck."And all kids now have got their own belief deep in the heart that is to become the most powerful one.