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Do Teen Panch (2 3 5) - Indian Poker for Android

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  • Enjoy this free offline do tin pach (2 3 5) or 3 2 5 playing card games.
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Developer's Description

Enjoy this free offline do tin pach (2 3 5) or 3 2 5 playing card games.

We are introducing our first card based game named as do teen panch or ten do pach with high level of artificial intelligence. Do tin pach is also known as 2 3 5 card game, a game which most of us use to play in our childhood. 235 card game offline has an interactive gameplay with an advanced level of AI to deliver a complete package of fun and entertainment.

This game is played with 30 cards out of 52 playing cards in the deck. The following cards are chosen for the gameplay and are arranged from the highest to lowest order of their priority in the game.

Spades: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7

Hearts: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7

Clubs: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8

Diamonds: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8

How to play do tin pach (2-3-5) or teen do panch (3-2-5)?

> There are a total of 10 (5+3+2) possible hands also known as tricks. On each hand, the player with the highest order of the played suit wins the hand unless it's trumped with the trump suit cards

> The game starts with 3 players and proceeds clockwise. At the start of the round of each game, 5 cards are distributed. The player who has to make 5 hands is given the option to choose the trump suit out of 4 suits available as Spade - Heart - Club - Diamond

> Once the trump is selected the remaining cards are distributed to each player and selected trump suit is made visible to everyone in the game

> The person choosing the trump suit is allowed to start the game, take the first turn and has to make 5 hands. The opponents will have to make 2 and 3 hands.

> The player plays a card of any suit of his/her choice. The opponents have to play the card of the same suit. If they do not have any such card then they can either play a trump card or card of any other suit

> The player with the highest card of suit wins the hand or in case if the trump card was played then the highest trump wins. The player who wins the hand plays the next card

> The round is considered to be complete when all the cards have been played and 10 hands are completed.

> At the beginning of the next round the player with extra hands won can withdraw cards from the player with lesser number of hands won than the target

> The player who is withdrawing picks up random card from the opponent and can return a card back of his/her own choice. The player can also return back the same card

> In each round of the game the number of hands a player or an opponent has to make is equally switched from 2, 3 and 5 such that the player making 5 hands in first round has to make 2 hands in second round and then 3 hands in third round and so on

7s of heart and spades would be considered as the highest trump cards if you enable them from Settings

> The 7s of heart and spade will have highest authority over any other trump cards but if in case both 7s are played together then the player who plays the card later wins the hand

Amazing do teen panch card game has many other awesome features listed below


Remaining Cards

Quickly go through the cards that are not yet played and hence available in the specific round of the game

Trick (Hand) History

Easily browse through the history of past tricks and look through which user played a specific card to win the trick.

Rhythmic tones & sound FX with HD graphics

Do ten panch card games, with best sound tones and special effects with eye catching user interface provides the best user experience & seamless flow in gameplay. This is necessary to make you an addict ;)

235 card game offline

This do tin panch is an offline game. No Internet connection required.

Go ahead, download the do teen panch game and have a fun with it.

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