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Classgap Tutors: Online private classes for Android

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  • Classgap: Connect with teachers from all over the world and learn anywhere.
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Developer's Description

Classgap: Connect with teachers from all over the world and learn anywhere.

Classgap: Connect with teachers from all over the world and learn anywhere.

Would you like to have the opportunity to learn any language with native teachers from anywhere in the world? Do you want to start programming, become a digital marketing expert or design with photoshop with a domain expert? Tailored learning without leaving home.

The Classgap App is all you need: Download it now for free!

Want to start learning?

Classgap allows you to have one to one private lessons with a teacher with flexible availability. The only thing to worry about is on focusing on your learning. As all the classes are tailored, it will be easier for you to advance towards your achievements.

And since we know that sometimes it is not easy to choose, free 15-minute trial are available so you can get to know teacher, describe your goals, and define the learning path to steepen your learning.

And the best part is that you can learn anywhere: at work, on the road, etc. Any place with Internet access can become your classroom.

Are you a teacher and want to start teaching?

Earn money teaching in a comfortable and simple way by giving online classes on those subjects that you dominate most.

Don't worry if a student will pay you or not for your classes, we ensure that the student makes the payment before the class starts. When the class is over, you will see the accumulated amount in your Classgap account. The management of the payments is done in a secure way.

Boost your teaching with the most advanced virtual classroom, interact with students through our video-chat, a virtual whiteboard on which you can upload documents, edit texts, send files, share the screen... All you need to teach is Classgap!

What others say?

"Classgap is an interactive and didactic platform. Something that helps you to choose tutors according to their credentials and the accurate users reviews. Teachers have pedagogic material,i.e., e-books and they ask you to do homework" 01/05/2019 by Victor H.

It's a very simple platform for those who don't have much time and need online training. It allows you to select the teacher that best suits your needs, and the virtual classrooms allows you to share screen, download documents, etc ... In case of technical problems, the customer service reacts very fast. I totally recommend it...and you can have a free trial session! on 30/04/2019 by Ivan G.

An ideal place to find the teacher you like, suited to your schedule, flexible, and most comfortable for you. Above all, this website is very practical and simple to book, reschedule, etc.. An app that I recommend to use. I am delighted with my teacher.

30/04/2019 by Loana S

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