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  • It's produced from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the Cannabis plant and not from the seeds like Hemp oil.
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It's produced from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the Cannabis plant and not from the seeds like Hemp oil.

It's produced from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the Cannabis plant and not from the seeds like Hemp oil. Although both oils derive from the same plant, Hemp oil is fabricated from the seeds of the hemp plant which has minimal Cannabinoids.

CBD Information Guide

Welcome, welcome to our CBD Information Guide. We hope this serves as a reliable resource to further your CBD education. The following information should help debunk some CBD myths as well as teach you about this powerful natural ingredient thats been in use for thousands of years. (Really). And, better yet, well continue to add to this guide with the most up-to-date and accurate information, so youll never miss a beat in the world of CBD.

So, why is CBD so popular? While it has shown incredible promise for a wide range of symptoms in both humans and animals, there is still a lot to discover about what it can and cant do. Since people have been using it for medicinal purposes since 2727 BC, it may not necessarily qualify as a fad, per se.

That being said, no matter how empowered you feel after reading the following sections, you still need to consult your physician before you add CBD in your regimen. He or she understands your health history the best, and can best advise whether or not CBD will benefit you. Happy learning!

CBD may seem like one of the most versatile natural ingredients out there and thats pretty true. However, this may make it difficult to decide whether or not CBD is right for you, even with a physicians advice.. Arthritis, as well as joint and muscle pain in general, are common reasons for individuals to turn to CBD. When CBD is combined with other natural pain-relievers and ingredients, such as menthol, camphor, and even lavender, it may even become more effective.

CBD oil is one of the most versatile options for CBD. Typically, tinctures are dropped under the tongue which helps it absorb more quickly and then swallowed. They come in a wide variety of flavors from cinnamon to fruits or even unflavored if youre going for an all-natural experience.


Quite a few different kinds of products fall under the category of edibles. The most popular is CBD gummies much like the popular gummy vitamins! Energy chews, gum, protein powder, and infused water all fall under the category of edible.

If you want to enjoy a tasty snack while you get your CBD, an edible option might be perfect for you. As with any supplement, its important that you take your CBD edibles safely make sure you follow edible safe practices!


Topical CBD comes in many different forms, including lotions, salves, creams, massage oils, transdermal patches, sprays, and even bath bombs and more! These products usually have pleasant, calming scents and can be very therapeutic to apply in addition to the benefits from the CBD. Topical CBD is wonderful for quick relief of localized, day-to-day aches and pains.

CBD Skincare

If youve heard about the balancing, restorative, even age-defying characteristics of CBD skincare products it isnt just hype. Were proud to offer a wide variety of premium products with formulas suitable for every age, skin type, complexion, and concern.

CBD and Self-Care

No self-care routine is complete without a few products on standby just for the purposes of pampering. Luckily, we offer plenty of CBD bath products, including bath bombs, shower gels, hair care, and more. We also offer exclusive products from women-centric brands, and even a variety of CBD intimacy products.


If you want to give your pet CBD, there are a variety of options as well! CBD can come in sprays and oils to be put on their food or directly into their mouths in tasty (to them!) flavors like bacon and tuna. Tasty CBD-infused treats are also available. Pets can also benefit from topical CBD balms for skin problems or gel that can be applied in the ear for quick absorption into their veins.

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