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  • Keep your balance.
  • Last updated on 6/8/2020

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Keep your balance.

Welcome to Balance University!

I have worked with hundreds of clients through thousands of sessions to develop this balance and fall prevention program, especially for those that want to continue an independent and active lifestyle! Balance University is a practical, make-sense, balance program that has helped thousands of people effectively improve their balance and maintain their independence. Balance University is taught at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and Florida Blue (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) locations across the state of Florida!


BU puts a laser focus on the four major factors (or what we call pillars in BU) that directly impact and affect your balance, for better or worse. The majority of balance and fall prevention programs are designed to focus on two, or maybe three of these factors that have such a huge impact on balance. So, what are the four factors needed to get REAL results when it comes to improving your balance?

- Learn how to safely develop strong legs and develop an equally strong core.

- Improve your posture so that we can stand tall with our shoulders back and where they should be positioned. Proper posture ensures that we are standing upright and our center of gravity is positioned exactly where it was designed to be positioned.

- Increasing your range of motion (ROM) means that we will focus on greatly improving your range of motion.

- Lastly and most importantly, Balance University puts great emphasis on neuromuscular efficiency and proprioception. What do these terms mean? Neuromuscular efficiency is the term fitness and medical professionals use to refer to the connection between the nervous system (brain and spine) and the muscular system (the muscles of the body). Proprioception is a term used to describe an environment that is stable, but a bit unstable (a lot like when you were a newlywed!). Imagine watching a gymnast standing on one foot atop a balance beam. They are stable, however, a bit unstable. That is how we describe proprioception.

Balance University is a progressive program that has been used by thousands to help them improve mobility, maintain independence and continue an active lifestyle. The best news, BU has modifications for every exercise in the program. That means that we have already thought about how we can make each participant successful by modifying every exercise. In fact, there is a video for every exercise in the program that includes a progression and modification to ensure that no matter what your limitation may be, you can complete the Balance University program!

Download our BU app and youll be empowered by the same program that has empowered so many others! You only need 1% of time that is in a week to complete the 10-week BU program. You will FEEL the results and live a life with much improved balance!

The progressions are listed for you in order with explanations.

Good luck and enjoy!

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