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Key Details of Arabic Keyboard

  • Arabic Keyboard is a modern typing app which allows you to type in Arabic Language.
  • Last updated on January 7, 2020
  • There have been 8 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

Arabic Keyboard is a modern typing app which allows you to type in Arabic Language.

Arabic Keyboard is a modern typing app which allows you to type in Arabic Language. It not only supports Arabic, but it also has 22 other languages which can be switched across with a single click. It comes with Google's most loved Material Design and has 4 attractive themes to choose from!

Auto Correct, Auto Complete, and other features such as Artificial Intelligence and versatile input styles to provide greater accessibility to everyone. It is a keyboard which learns from you and adapts itself to suit you. Looks wise, it looks very similar to the Google Keyboard "GBoard" except without the Google button!

To Setup the Keyboard: It's easy, just open the app and follow the instructions on screen. In short, Launch the app > Enable the Arabic Keyboard > Select it as an active input method > Select the languages.

Supported Languages

Arabic + Transliteration (English to Arabic typing.)




















Sinhala and more

Supports Transliteration: Use the English keyboard to keyboard to type in your preferred language and script based on the phonetic similarities between the two languages. For example, you can type "Hello" from the English keyboard and it'll write the same in Arabic.

Inscript input: Doesn't work for Arabic yet! Go old school by using the script of your preferred language to type in what you want while utilizing the language dictionary at the same time.

One Click switch: Sift through all the languages you use in just one click of a button. Press the "Globe" on the keyboard and the keyboard will switch the language. No time wasted in setting preferred languages through the settings, or changing entire keyboards just to find the language which you want.

Double-space period: Double tapping the space button can insert a period followed by a space. Save a lot of time while typing. No need to add a period and a space on your own every time.

Voice Input Key: Google Voice Input integrated. Useful if youre unwilling to type and dont want to change your keyboard. Also recognizes a wide variety of accents which makes it very efficient to use.

Interactive Keyboard: Keyboard can vibrate, produce sounds, as well as popup whenever a key is pressed. Make it an immersive typing experience or completely devoid of stimulus. Its your choice.

Four themes to choose from: Beautify the simple, yet powerful keyboard with one of four pretty themes:

Material Light.

Material Dark.

Holo White.

Holo Blue.

Auto Correct that works: Punctuation and Spacebar automatically correct a mistyped word when a space or a punctuation is inserted. Really handy when youre unable to type properly or you tend to mistype a lot.

Auto complete: Get more options to automatically complete words which youre typing as they appear on a bar above your keyboard as you type. Paired with auto correct, this can complete your words for you without any trouble on your behalf.

Personalized Suggestions: Arabic Keyboard learns from your typing style, your communications, and your typing history to constantly learn and improve itself to match its auto correct and auto complete features to your personal style.

Next Word Prediction: Arabic Keyboard uses the previously typed words in a sentence to predict a list of potential words that may follow it. Feature improves with usage and adds customizability.

Emoji support: The Arabic Keyboard also supports Emoji. Just long tap on the enter/send key to enter emoji mode and access the list of available Android emojis.

There can be bugs and errors, but they won't stay for long if you send them to us! Let's make it the perfect Arabic keyboard!

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