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Anti-Mosquito Repellent:Frequency App for Mosquito for Android

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Key Details of Anti-Mosquito Repellent:Frequency App for Mosquito

  • Anti-Mosquito Repellent App, which aim to assist you to toss out the exasperating mosquitoes with variable frequency sounds.
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Developer's Description

Anti-Mosquito Repellent App, which aim to assist you to toss out the exasperating mosquitoes with variable frequency sounds.

Anti-Mosquito Repellent App, which aim to assist you to toss out the exasperating mosquitoes with variable frequency sounds. This mosquito app helps to prevent you from getting bitten my irritating mosquitoes and also other awful insects. This Anti Mosquito app discharges a unique frequency sound that the insects dislike. The frequency of the sound is so high that it is not hearable to human beings. The mosquito app is developed with aim to repel mosquitoes with a sender of low frequency. You will be able to choose frequencies between 8 kHz to 22 kHz, so you can adjust the frequency as per your environment.

Very simple and easy to use, this anti-mosquito app wont let any mosquito to come near you by following simple steps. First you will download and open the app. once open you will find a frequency bar. You can slide it up and down to set the frequency. Once you select your frequency, tap on the Volume button that is on the top right side. Adjust the volume and leave this app on and just relax.

Lets think of a scenario of which most of the people have gone through. People have trees and garden outside their house that can cause lots of mosquitos. Anti mosquito ultrasonic killer sound helps you to prevent the mosquitos. Mosquitoes are very dangerous for health which causes some killer diseases like malaria, dengue and many other. Malaria is the most common disease that is cause by mosquitoes. Put a stop to Malaria with high frequency noises that kills the mosquitoes and keeps you safe. Anti mosquito frequency sound is the best mosquitoes killer and repeller that uses high ultrasonic sounds for the prevention of mosquito.

Are you sick of mosquito bites? Or mosquitoes sound dont let dont let you sleep at night? Are your nights becoming miserable due to lots of mosquitoes in your room? Not to worry anymore because we have got you the Anti-Mosquitoes Repellent app. Anti Mosquito app use a frequency sound range of 8 KHz to 22 KHz which allows you to get rid of all unwanted mosquitoes. No more malaria! No more dengue virus! Getting rid of these kind of insects was never that but all thanks to Anti Mosquito Frequency sound app. As human ear cannot hear above 20 kHz so this app is absolutely safe. This mosquito killer app uses ultrasonic frequency sound to kill the mosquitoes. This app has two modes: one is active in which you could hear the frequency sound and manage according to your desired need with the slider present in the center of the screen, and other is normal mode in which the frequency is set to high level i.e. 22 KHz which is not hearable by humans. This frequency app has a very interactive UI design which makes it more easy to use.

How to use anti mosquito repellent app:

The Mosquito app is a very simple and base app to use. Just follow this simple steps and you are good to go:

Firstly, download and open the mosquito app.

Select the active mode.

Set the frequency as per your desire by sliding your finger up and down on the slider.


Please avoid from long time use of mosquito killer.

Please avoid from the use with headphones or earphones.

As soon as you feel headache, please shut the app down.

The anti mosquito does not guarantee the effect completely.

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