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Album Enabler for Cooliris (Win) for Windows

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Key Details of Album Enabler for Cooliris (Win)

  • Enable web albums for the Cooliris browser plugin.
  • Last updated on August 27, 2015
  • There have been 2 updates

Developer's Description

Enable web albums for the Cooliris browser plugin.

Album Enabler for Cooliris is a simple utility to facilitate enabling existing web albums created by software such as Apple iPhoto or similar programs for the Cooliris browser plugin.

Many programs used to automatically generate web albums from a selection of photos (e.g. Apple iPhoto), create a folder with HTML (index pages), and separate sub folders that contain the photos, the thumbnails, and the image pages. All the photo files are numbered sequentially, usually starting at 1. Enabling Cooliris for a web album created with Apple iPhoto or similar requires 2 basic steps: Creating an RSS feed file (photos.rss) which contains links to all the photos that are to be displayed by Cooliris and adding code to the index HTML pages to enable RSS autodiscovery for the photos.rss feed. Album Enabler for Cooliris automates these tasks. Version 1.1.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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