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  • This is newest version of previous 528 Frequency Radio application.
  • Last updated on May 5, 2020
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Developer's Description

This is newest version of previous 528 Frequency Radio application.

This is newest version of previous 528 Frequency Radio application.

528 Frequency Radio streams 528Hz frequency "Medicinal Music" 24/7/365 for people who want the "good vibration" of LOVE, need healing, and appreciate the "healing power of LOVE/528" that resonates at the heart of everything, including rainbows, sunshine, green grass, your "heart chakra," and the air we breathe.

The Ap enables a growing number of 528 Radio Network stations to be received and broadcast from your phone that not only is enjoyable and entertaining, but relaxing and healing due to the frequency adjustment (transposition) to 528Hz made possible by donations of technology and music uploaded in albums and tracks to the free "528 Public Music Library" operating by donation at and broadcast over All of the music played by these services has been transposed into the frequency of LOVE, 528Hz (A=444Hz/C=528Hz) tuning that is scientifically and mathematically evidenced to be the central "heart frequency" of the universe by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, in his monumental book--"The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE." The evidence from the world of science explains the reason grass is greenish yellow, chlorophyll is greenish yellow, the heart of the rainbow (sunshine) vibrates similarly at 528nm and 528Hz frequency, and why sunshine and nature puts 528Hz/528nm resonating electrons into the air we breathe to sustain life, prevent diseases, and cure most illnesses.

528Hz frequency is even believed to help repair damaged DNA--the "blueprint of life."

You can also access the 128 kbps mp3 radio streams free of charge on your desktop at, but due to the cost of Ap development, we need to charge a small mobile Ap fee, only $4.92, for this healing application. The fee is actually a donation you are making since 100% of this money goes to support non-profit efforts to help people heal naturally, and protect our planet from polluters, or help clean up petrochemical pollution.

So now you can use your mobile device to enjoy and share LOVE/528 music wherever you go and spread more love in the world! Remember, that as you play 528Hz music, the energy radiates out, like a pebble thrown into a pond, touching the farthest shores--people's hearts everywhere!

What kind of music do you love? You'll probably find it here on 528 Frequency Radio. Enjoy current mixed pop music, or our station. If you love to dance, there are two choices: and Tune into or to feel the rhythm of love. Feel the harmony of the universe listening to Feel the difference in music transposed into 528 Hz tuning with the eclectic punk rock selection on And check out hot topics for discussion on, and the media page.

528 Frequency Radio will automatically pick up new stations from as they are published and will appear in your app's station list panel.

Healing listening to you and your friends!

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