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  • I am 58 and my vision is far from perfect.
  • Last updated on 11/27/2019
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Developer's Description

I am 58 and my vision is far from perfect.

I am 58 and my vision is far from perfect. I have fingers on my hands - not matchsticks, so I designed this keyboard for myself. If youre under 35 and have no problems with vision, please do not install. You will need it later. But maybe it will be a good lifehack for your parents now.

Eugene Sotnikov, 1C Wearable

This ergonomic keyboard allows using 100% of your phones screen for big keys making it indispensable on small screen devices and for fat fingers (100% is not an advertising slogan: it is literally 100%).

This big keyboard preserves your vision and reduces eye strain.

Big keyboard keys are easier to hit less typos.

The layout of this large keyboard is easy to learn its a QWERTY keyboard smartly compressed into extra large keyboard, what makes it ideal for large hands.

How to install the keyboard:

Open System "Settings". Tap General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> 1C Big Keyboard

How to use the keyboard:

1. Hold the "globe" icon in the keyboard to open settings and switch between languages.

2. Tap and hold for diacritical marks.

3. Swipe up to switch into the full screen mode

4. Swipe left or right to switch between the languages selected in settings.

The list of supported languages:















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