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  • If you are looking for a high-quality, comprehensive soundboard app, you've come to the right place. This amazing soundboard app contains over...
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If you are looking for a high-quality, comprehensive soundboard app, you've come to the right place. This amazing soundboard app contains over...

If you are looking for a high-quality, comprehensive soundboard app, you've come to the right place! This amazing soundboard app contains over one hundred different categories of sounds that you can use as ringtones, notifications, learning tools, humor or simple entertainment! Why download dozens of different sound and ringtone apps with just a few sounds each, when you can get the same amazing variety in one single application? Add hundreds of quality sounds to your collection with one single download!

No soundboard app would be complete without a well-rounded variety of bird calls and songs! With this app you can listen to real life bird sounds including the blue jay, canary, cardinal, cockatiel, crow, dove, hawk, owl, robin, seagull, and sparrow! Don't forget the farm birds and game fowl either hear birdcalls of chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants and turkeys. Melodic birdsongs make beautiful ringtones for your phone!

The diverse sounds of the animal kingdom are well represented in this app too! Hear wilderness animals such as the bat, bear, bobcat, buffalo, cougar, coyote, elk, wolf and wild boar! Or embark on a safari of sound including elephant, gorilla, hyena, lion, monkey and tiger noises! From country farms you'll hear the cow, donkey, horse, pig and sheep. To feel a bit closer to home, listen to beloved pet sounds including dogs, kittens and guinea pigs! Even ocean dwelling mammals aren't forgotten in this compilation, featuring cool dolphin noises! Not to mention the outdoor symphony of reptiles and insects you'll find frog, rattlesnake, bee, cricket and fly sounds too! Even extinct animals have their moment of glory, with awesome T-Rex sounds that will send you back to prehistoric times!

Don't forget all the unique human sounds either! Human emotions can be heard in our vocal expressions, from crying to laughing to screaming. And there are the involuntary bodily sounds too, such as sneezing, snoring, burping, chewing. You'll find them all here! Use these recordings to sound your praise or disappointment with applause, booing and whistles. Or add dramatic effect with action sounds such as footsteps, punching noises, or door knocking!

The racket of busy city life is alive in these soundboards! From first thing in the morning, you hear the alarm clock ring. Later the doorbell buzzer sounds or the telephone rings. You walk down the street listening to loud construction noises. Car crashes, glass breaking, electricity zapping... all of these annoying sounds are available at your fingertips in this app! Or if trains, planes and automobiles are your style, you'll find plenty of those sounds too! Hear sirens and car alarms, motorcycles and race cars revving their engines. Enjoy the sweet sounds of the city streets!

But don't be frightened by the scary sounds that go bump in the night! From thunder storms and wild predator calls to submarine calls, explosions and war sounds, you'll be sure to find an eerie fright among these sounds!

On a sweeter note, musicians will love musical notes, drum rolls, percussion and gong sounds. Test your ear with various tones, from high frequencies to deep subwoofer pitches.

Don't forget the silly sounds either! Who needs a toilet flushing sound? Or a squeaky toy? Or cartoon sound effects? We think you just might!

Choose a cool new sound for your ringtone, or if you prefer to stick to the classics, you'll also find a great selection of retro ringtones! Download the app today for full access to hundreds of top quality sounds for many uses!

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