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Sleepmeter Widget for Android

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Key Details of Sleepmeter Widget

  • This app provides widgets for use with either Sleepmeter or Sleepmeter Free.
  • Last updated on January 8, 2020
  • There have been 4 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

By Squall Line Software
This app provides widgets for use with either Sleepmeter or Sleepmeter Free.

This app provides widgets for use with either Sleepmeter or Sleepmeter Free. The widgets are completely useless without one of those two apps installed on your device. These widgets require a version greater than or equal to 2.0.0 of either of those apps.

The widget occupies 1x1, 2x1, or 3x1 launcher space on your home screen and provides the following goodness:

* manual tap to sleep and tap to wake to define sleep periods

* automated asleep/awake toggle based on device charging state (Android 2.0+ only)

* option to make device silent while you sleep and take it out of silent mode when you wake up

* option to send device into airplane mode while you sleep and take it out of airplane mode when you wake up

* displays some statistics

* can define holes in sleep periods (2x1 & 3x1 widget only)

* user defined background color with alpha blending

* can be configured to trigger events in Locale or Tasker (Look under States -> Plugins -> Sleepmeter in Tasker)

* can be configured to receive events from Locale or Tasker (Look under Action -> Plugins -> Sleepmeter in Tasker)

* can be used to launch the Sleepmeter/Sleepmeter Free app

To reconfigure an existing widget, tap the app title at the top twice.

The widgets are a separate app because widgets must be installed in device memory due to an Android limitation. This separate widget app takes up the minimum amount of space in your device's main memory and allows the Sleepmeter or Sleepmeter Free app with your sleep history database to be installed on the SD card if you choose to do so.

To those who have reported trouble with these widgets in the market comments:

The widget isn't a launchable app. It won't make an icon in your launcher list and it doesn't "open". Once this app is installed, the widgets can be added to your home screen by either long pressing your home screen and choosing "Widgets" or by pressing the menu button on your device while looking at the home screen and choosing "Add" and then "Widgets". The widgets appear in that list labeled "Sleepmeter (1x1)", "Sleepmeter (2x1)", and "Sleepmeter (3x1)". If you don't see them in that list after you install this app, that's not good at all and we'd like you to e-mail us and tell us about it so we can figure out exactly why that is and fix it. We've tried installing and uninstalling the widgets on all of our test setups, spanning android versions 1.5 to 2.3, many times and it always seems to work correctly. If this isn't operator error, please let us know by sending an e-mail with your device model name, your android version, and exactly what you do and what you expect to happen that isn't happening.

Explanation of required permissions:

* WRITE_SETTINGS is required to support the airplane mode toggle option. If you don't want to use the airplane mode toggle, this permission is still required but the widgets won't do anything with it.

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