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Remote Desktop Over android

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  • With Remote Desktop Over Wifi, handle your presentation (Power Point.) Edit your documents via publishers offline (Word, Excel and PowerPoint,.
  • Last updated on February 21, 2020
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Developer's Description

With Remote Desktop Over Wifi, handle your presentation (Power Point.) Edit your documents via publishers offline (Word, Excel and PowerPoint,.

With Remote Desktop Over Wifi, handle your presentation (Power Point ...) Edit your documents via publishers offline (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, ...), and even online publishers (Office 360, Google docs ...) Play your favorite games (EA Need for Speed, FIFA 2014, FIFA 2015, Failed, Damier, etc.); Navigate to your social networks Google +, Facebook, Twitter; Check your email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.): This is the remote control of your PC.

Specifically Remote Desktop is an android application for viewing his computer on his smartphone or tablet, to perform actions such as manipulating mouse clicks make or use the keyboard and LISTEN FROM ITS SOUND SPEAKERS (1 ).

Go to the official website of the application, http://www.traveler.cm/remotecomputer/ for more information.

The resources of the application are available on the cloud via the link https://github.com/stuenofotso/remoteComputer

Please watch the video presentation for more information


- The use of UDP for the automation of the remote location of the server computer and the transmission of data where a high transmission rate.

-The Automatic Server Location

- You can select the screen area from the computer to view and intuitively change (by sliding your finger on the screen)

- You can increase or decrease the zoom on an item in the capture area. (for example, select a text box and increase the zoom to read clearly)

- You can make right or left clicks

- You can hear the speakers of your computer directly on your cell phone while viewing and manipulating the keyboard or mouse

- Share your tips, comments, criticisms and issues with the user community directly through the application.

- Capture unique moments through screenshots.

- You can take a picture through your smartphone using your camera and view it directly on your PC with ability to save, print, ....

- Scrollez your pages or your text during playback (up and down volume buttons)

- Drag and drop (drag and drop), select the elements (window, text, ...)

- Turn off or restart the server machine

- Shut down or restart the server application

- ... And full of other features to discover


- Download and install the client application on your android mobile page via google play

- Download to your computer application server java http://www.traveler.cm/remotecomputer/files/java_server.jar

- Make sure you have the Java Virtual Machine (jre) in its version 7 minimum.

- Make sure your phone and your computer are on the same wifi network

- Start the server on your computer by double-clicking the java server retransmission.jar file previously downloaded

- You can now launch the android app on your phone

- Enjoy and have fun ...

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