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Pregnancy Test - Symptoms for iOS

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  • Check if you are pregnant.
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Developer's Description

Check if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy test - Pregnancy symptoms is an app with a complete questionnaire, which will help you to know whether you might be pregnant, based on the main early symptoms of pregnancy.

Here you will find a pregnancy quiz with 15 questions, which correspond to the main early signs of pregnancy and with which you will obtain an approximate percentage, which can serve as an orientation to know whether you are pregnant.

If you ask yourself: Am I pregnant? In this case, the best idea is to go to a professional doctor or a pharmacy to do a pregnancy test, but if you want to have an approximate orientation before going, you can do the "Am I pregnant quiz" we have prepared.

Main characteristics:

- Before the first signs of pregnancy, if you want to know the approximate possibility to become pregnant, you can use this pregnancy test calculator to eliminate your doubts.

- It is an online pregnancy test, focused on 15 questions about the signs of early pregnancy during the first weeks, which will give you a guiding result.

- If you are tired of home pregnancy tests, you can try to take this questionnaire. You will have an approximate result by only responding to some simple questions related to the early pregnancy signs in first weeks of pregnancy.

Which kind of questions will you find in this home pregnancy test?

As we have explained before, all questions are focused on early pregnancy symptoms. Therefore, you will find some questions related to fatigue, irritability, sickness or vomiting, appetite, heartburn, constipation, etc. In short, a collection of the most relevant questions to be able to have an orientation about your situation.

If you ask yourself how to know whether you are pregnant, this app will help you to shed some light and have a rough idea. We hope that this free pregnancy test helps you in discovering a positive or negative pregnancy test result or whatever you are looking for.

If, on the contrary, you want to know how to get pregnant, this is not the aim of this app, therefore we recommend you to search for other apps or information of a professional doctor, since the aim of this app is to check your pregnancy status when having some sign of pregnancy to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Note: This app is not a reliable pregnancy test, but simply a questionnaire to obtain an approximate result, but never definite. It is important that you go to the doctor or pharmacy for a 100% reliable result when experiencing signs of being pregnant.

Legal note: This app and its content have been created by Smiko. The use of the content of this app without previous authorization by the creator of the app is prohibited.

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