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Power Memory for Windows

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Key Details of Power Memory

  • Optimize the computer system at real time.
  • Last updated on 8/27/2015
  • There have been 2 updates

Developer's Description

Optimize the computer system at real time.
Power Memory is an excellent memory optimizer with beautiful interfaces which can optimize the computer system at real time. Memory Defragmentation: Free fragments in the memory and ensure enough supply of physical memory for active applications.Memory Monitoring:Automatically set inactive background services and processes into energy saving mode. It can save memory while not improperly influence the overall performance of the system.Startup Management:Manage programs launched at Windows startup. It can delete some unnecessary items or change them to start at some delayed time, so Windows startup can be faster.Service Management:You can stop unnecessary Windows services to save memory and boost Windows startup. Other Functions: Get chip information; set hard disk cache size; get information on the running of your computer.Featrues:Increase Your Computer Speed by up to 100%!Recover 100% of Memory Leaks, Optimize your Memory. Memory Intellective Monitor, Reclaim Still Process's Memory! Graph Interface, Easy to know the status of Memory & CPU anytime. Optimize Windows Service, Speed up Windows Kernel working. Optimize Software Startup, Speed up Windows Starts. Optimize Disk Cache, Speed up disk IO performance. Prevent Your Computer from Windows crashes.

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