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  • Find optimum equations to describe empirical data
  • Last updated on 12/14/23
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Developer's Description

Find optimum equations to describe empirical data.
ndCurveMaster is unique multivariable curve fitting program that automatically fits a set of ideal nonlinear regression equations to your datasets, using an unlimited number of predictors (input variables). For example, when using a dataset with six input variables (x1, x2, ... x6) and output Y, this tool can find optimal multivariable (multidimensional) equation like: Y = a0 + a1 · exp(x1)^-0.5 + a2 · ln(x2)^8 + a3 · exp(x3)^1.5 + a4 · x4^4.1 + a5 · x5^5 + a6 · x6^5.2By utilizing machine learning numerical methods, ndCurveMaster automatically fits the most suitable nonlinear regression functions for your dataset and discovers the relationships between the inputs and output. It offers rapid generation of high quality results that can be effortlessly exported to Excel, Python, C/C++, and Pascal for further analysis.Unique Features of ndCurveMaster:- Discover the best nonlinear regression equation with an unlimited number of input variables and their combinations.- Utilize the latest scientific solutions, including heuristic techniques and machine learning algorithms for curve fitting.- Analyze data and assess the significance of variables using ANOVA, p-test, and collinearity.- Detect multicollinearity and overfitting through test set validation, collinearity analysis, Pearson correlation matrix, and more.- Evaluate result quality using performance criteria.- Achieve rapid generation of high-quality results and significant time savings.

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