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Kanji Teacher - Learn Japanese for iOS

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Key Details of Kanji Teacher - Learn Japanese

  • Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana.
  • Last updated on February 22, 2024
  • There have been 8 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana.

R.: The best kanji app available.

B.: Carefully crafted app. Very nice done.

S.: I'm using this app every day, it's addicting. I have tried a lot of other apps, but this one I love!.

K.: A blessing to those wanting to master Japanese reading and writing.

P.: This is the best kanji learning app in the App Stores.

Kanji Teacher is free. There's no advertising and no in-app purchases are necessary it's just free, pure and simple.

Kanji Teacher knows not only all the 2,136 jy kanjis and their readings, but also the 8,000 most common Japanese words and how to pronounce them. This unique combination enables you to learn the Kun- and On-readings of the kanjis and apply and test what you have learnt straight away: both how to read a word and how to write a word you know.

Kanji Teacher has more features you'll love:

Practise your writing with Kanji Teacher! Every stroke is analysed: do the position, direction and order match up with the correct way of writing? Kanji Teacher helps you out with hints to begin with, but as you progress further youll be on your own.

Kanji Teacher is also a Kana teacher: learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana.

Kanji Teacher comes with around 6,000 sample sentences: Around 8,000 tests have been created based on these sentences, where the corresponding Kanji is omitted and has to be found.

Kanji Teacher uses multiple choice so you can be sure that you really do know the answer. And it also compiles the possible answers intelligently, ensuring that they all make sense and are similar to the correct answer, because Kanji Teacher is a teacher after all it's strict, but this helps you learn more quickly.

Kanji Teacher uses a Leitner system so you can learn easy kanjis quickly and focus on the more difficult ones.

Kanjis can be grouped by JLPT level and school year and, most importantly, you can switch between both views without losing what you have already done.

You can choose the correct answer, check it and move on to the next question with just one touch of the screen, which speeds up your learning and progress.

Kanji Teacher comes with Ulrike's Mnemonics, which were provided by Joy o' Kanji [https://www.joyokanji.com/],a site where you can find playful, informative, photo-filled essays about each of the 2,136 Joyo Kanji.

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