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  • Finally, A Journal Made Just For Us Travellers! Join Thousands Of Other Travellers Who Use Journo To Track Their Adventures Like Never Before...
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Finally, A Journal Made Just For Us Travellers! Join Thousands Of Other Travellers Who Use Journo To Track Their Adventures Like Never Before...
Finally, A Journal Made Just For Us Travellers! Join Thousands Of Other Travellers Who Use Journo To Track Their Adventures Like Never Before Install So You Can Get Started For Free Today!***** Dont take it from us, heres just a couple of our 5-Star Ratings *****"Fantastic! I can throw away my Moleskin notebooks! - Barbara Weibel, Award-Winning Travel Blogger"Makes journaling super easy and fun for anyone and everyone." - The Gadget FlowWe've created the most sophisticated journaling app available, but that's only part of the equation.The magic lies in what happens to your life when you use it.As you read this, you're probably not in the midst of a life crisis, but maybe deep down you know you were made for more. No matter the place you're in, it's never too late to start writing the story you were made to live.And that's why we're here - to give you a blank canvas, a blank page and to urge you to start (now?) because otherwise time will fly by and youll still be left with the same blank canvas, the same blank page, and a life full of regret.So, what kind of life do you want live? Not for your parents, not for your friends, not for anybody but you.What words do you want to fill these pages? What pictures and videos do you want to fill this canvas? Again:Whats your story?Journo is here to help you fall more and more in love with your life. To get you waking up everyday excited for whats in store. To encourage you to live an adventure. So lets #BurnYourCouch and do just that!5 AMAZING WAYS WE HELP YOU WRITE YOUR STORY:1 - Travel Maps. Have an adventure lined up? Wouldn't it be sweet to view your route? Wouldn't it be even sweeter to view it on a custom designed map you can only find in Journo? Well then we've got you covered.2 - Text Schmext. One of the biggest reasons we wanted to create this is because buying a paper journal is cool, but extremely limited. I was anchored in a gorgeous and secluded bay in The Bahamas, watching a strikingly red sunrise and not able to add a picture of it to my paper journal. That needed to be changed. So we took care of it. Seamlessly add as many pictures or videos as you want... for those moments when words just don't cut it!3 - Not Just Digital. Remember how I just said "a paper journal is cool"? They certainly are - to look at! But hauling one around, with all it's limitations, isn't so cool. We got you covered here as well and made it as easy as pie to print your Journos directly from the app. We lay them out and let you alter and edit to your liking (fonts, colors, pics, placement, etc). Then just print! It's the best of both worlds and only Journo does it.4 - Collaborate! Never before has there been a way for two people to contribute to the same journal. We're pretty jacked up about this. You and the hubby want to journal about all the funny things your kid is doing? No problem. Heading out on a road trip with a pal and want to collaborate on the same journo to maximize the memories? No problem. The options are endless.5 - Tailored Journos. We've customized a few different journos to suit your needs: a daily gratitude journo, project journo and travel journo. All of which have a few different features that fit nicely within that theme. Use one, use them all. Unlimited journos with your subscription.BONUS 6, 7, 8... - Safe, Secure, Cross-Device, Etc. Your privacy is priority numero uno, so no worries there because your journos are locked up tight and only available to you (on any of your devices you're logged in to).Thanks for being here. We've got plenty more in the store for you!Download now and let's start writing your story today!Let the good times float,The Journo TeamPS. As always, please email with any issues or help you need. Makaela will respond to, like, ninja quick (shes the best).

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