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Imperium: Arena of Death for Windows

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Key Details of Imperium: Arena of Death

  • Play career-based simulator where you guide a team of three gladiators on their quest for victory.
  • Last updated on April 6, 2014
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Developer's Description

Play career-based simulator where you guide a team of three gladiators on their quest for victory.
Imperium plunges you into a world of blood, dark influence and secret dealings. You play an Arenamaster who controls a ludus of 3 fighters, plucked from the ruins of an ancient city and trained in the art of spilling blood for gold. Your goal is to guide, train and prepare them for the ultimate goal: holding the championship banner high.Imperium features fully detailed warriors with 5 stats + detailed physical info such as height, weight, hair and eye color, and each warrior even has a special trait that can affect gameplay in various ways, making them true individuals. Your job is to mold and guide them on their brutal journey and earn as much gold and glory as you can for yourself while keeping them alive and well. There is a dark side as well: Use your Influence to purchase assorted favors to gain special benefits, bribe opponents with gold, or use special Brews to boost your fighter's skill.The game features a detailed career engine, including injuries, realistic aging algorithm and career arcs, varied potential and development curves, and a training engine where you can specify what aspects to work on. Sign them to contracts that evolve as they develop in skill, acquire new blood in the between-seasons draft, and compete against 9 other warriors, all hungry for their own glory. Warriors over time retire, get killed or die of natural causes, and the game features full tracking of highly successful warriors, championship winners and those who tragically die in combat.

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