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Car Security Alarm Pro for Android

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Key Details of Car Security Alarm Pro

  • Transform your old mobile device into extra protection for your car.
  • Last updated on 2/22/2024
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

Transform your old mobile device into extra protection for your car.


- Alert if your vehicle is stolen or hit whilst your vehicle is stationery

- All the information provided via text messages, so there is no need to have a continuous internet signal

- Get current car position using GPS and GSM location (continous or on demand)

- Remote control (arming / disarming / status / location / calling back etc)

- Get the voice call from alarm to listen what is happening inside, also can pick up incoming calls

- Provides information about the battery status (discharged, overloaded, overheated)

How to quickly launch the application and what you will need.

You will need two mobile phones (one with Android operating system at least version 4.0.3). Both phones must have active SIM cards

1st Phone - this is the phone (with Android operating system) that will be kept in your vehicle out of sight

2nd Phone - this phone is your everyday phone which you have with you

Setting up the phones:

1. The phone which will be located in your vehicle (1st phone) needs to have Car Security Alarm Pro application installed on to it.

2. In the application Settings, you firstly need to enable the service by clicking the check box until the green arrow shows.

3. Now go to the "Permitted phone number" field and enter the phone number of the 2nd phone (the phone you use everyday) starting with the country prefix (eg. +441234567890 where '+44' is a UK prefix)

4. Once configured, place the 1st phone in your vehicle out of sight.

Arming the system:

To arm the alarm, press the button with the "green padlock" on the 1st phone (that will be in your vehicle) or simply send a text message "START" from the 2nd phone, to the phone in a vehicle.

From that point on, your car will be protected by our application.

Disarming the system:

To disarm the alarm, press the "red padlock" on the phone in the vehicle (1st phone) or send a text message "STOP" (from the 2nd phone).

Addition Commands

Other available SMS commands you can use from your 2nd phone: STATUS, RESET, POSITION, TELEPHONE, SENS. Full list of commands and their descriptions can be found in the application menu under "About".

We recommend that you install the 'Car Security Alarm Pro Client ' (on 2nd phone) which will allow you to send pre-formatted messages by using a shortcut key function, instead of typing the entire content of the text manually. It will also allow the system to automatically arm itself after you have departed the vehicle.

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What is it and what it does ?

This application will transform your spare mobile phone into extra protection for your car. Install the Car Security Alarm Pro into your spare mobile phone and place it in your car out of view. From now on your car will be protected by our application.

After activating Car Security Alarm Pro, you will be alerted if your vehicle is stolen or hit whilst your vehicle is stationery. It's possible that Car Security Alarm Pro may even notify you if your car is vandalised or clamped (dependent on your mobile phone's sensitivity).

If your vehicle is stolen, you will be kept informed about the current GPS position of the car. Car Security Alarm Pro will aid the police in tracking and recovering your vehicle by collecting additional details for the police. If the GPS signal will be stifled or lost, you will receive additional information that will help you to locate your vehicle via the nearest mask.

To ensure proper operation of this application, the mobile phone that is placed in your car will need to be able to send text messages, please ensure that you have some credit on it.

Application does not support DUAL SIM phones.

This application is not a replacement for your vehicle's alarm. The Author of this application does not accept any liabilities or damages as a result of using this application, or as a result of ineffective or faulty operation of the application.

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