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Serial Cloner for Mac

What do you need to know about free software?


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Full Specifications

What's new in version 2.6

  • [NEW] Estimates Isoelectric point of protein sequences (DNA and Protein Sequence Window)
  • [NEW] MacOSX version now distributed as a signed application (Mountain Lion Gatekeeper compatibility)
  • [ADDED] An option in the Preferences to select pK value tables to use for pI estimation
  • [ADDED] An option in the Preferences to use the Codon code from Codon Usage tables as a Genetic code used for translation
  • [ADDED] An option in the Restriction Map window to only translate nucleotides that are in uppercase
  • [ADDED] A button/menu to choose particular sites to be displayed in Restriction maps.
  • [ADDED] Scan for peptide Features in Protein Sequences
  • [ADDED] Inherit Features when reverse-translating a DNA sequence
  • [ADDED] A rapid switch between a DNA and Protein Align window
  • [ADDED] Non formatted copy of Protein sequence (Copy More... Menu)
  • [ADDED] Inherit Features when copying/Pasting Protein sequences
  • [ADDED] Display Features in Protein Align (Local Align)
  • [ADDED] A toggle button to highlight differences in aligned proteins
  • [ADDED] A shortcut (S) to quickly show or mask Features (in the Features tab of Sequence Windows)
  • [ADDED] 'Anchor' and 'Core' domains of Primers are now recognized as Features in Sequence Windows
  • [ADDED] A button to quickly select a full linear insert in the 'Build a Construct' window
  • [ADDED] Added a shortcut to 'Copy Non Formatted' [COMMAND-SHIFT-K]
  • [ADDED] A menu entry to go to Serial Cloner Forum
  • [ADDED] A menu entry to go to Serial Cloner Youtube Channel (tutorial)
  • [UPDATED] It is now possible to fully resize Sequence windows
  • [UPDATED] Absent sites are indicated in italic in enzyme chooser windows (Graphic and Restriction Maps)
  • [UPDATED] Unique sites are indicated in bold in enzyme chooser windows (Graphic and Restriction Maps)
  • [UPDATED] Parsing of NCBI sequences (Web Access) to take in account changes in NCBI pages.
  • [UPDATED] Improved parsing of sequences containing 'X' in the nucleotide sequence
  • [UPDATED] Changed shortcut of 'Copy All Sequences To Multifasta' to [COMMAND-SHIFT-J] instead of [COMMAND-SHIFT-K]
  • [CORRECTED] A Windows-specific interface bug the the 'Import Codon Bias' window
  • [CORRECTED] A bug sometimes preventing proper copy of images (Graphic map, Virtual Cut, shRNA) in the clipboard (Windows specific)
  • [CORRECTED] A problem arising with uncommon RE names like R1.BceSIV in the particular enzyme" chooser of the Graphic Map.
  • [CORRECTED] A problem [Gateway Cloning] with Features indication when the destination vector was antisense (att2-att1 direction)
  • [CORRECTED] A bug in the selection of the most used AA when reverse translating
  • [CORRECTED] A problem with "Select All" in Sequence and Protein windows
  • [CORRECTED] A File type problem associated to Serial Cloner files (breaking compatibility with Sequencher import in particular)
  • [CORRECTED] Ligation : Sometimes unnecessarily produced degenerate DNA
  • [CORRECTED] Gateway : generated DNA but then when then saved as unknown type
  • [CORRECTED] PCR : if done on "unknown format" sequence, incorrectly generated "Protein" type.
  • [CORRECTED] A problem updating Feature when undoing a modification
  • [CORRECTED] When pasting a protein sequence in GenBank format (NCBI) a protein sequence window is now correctly created.
  • [CORRECTED] A problem with the NCBI BLAST server when using non-ASCII characters in Sequence names
  • [CORRECTED] A problem with Feature display after a scan when only one Feature was found
  • [CORRECTED] A rare problem of Feature display in the Construct Window
  • [CORRECTED] A refresh problem when using character size different from 12 pt in Graphic maps.
  • [CORRECTED] A bug in the Restriction map windows where the first line of amino acid translation was shifted in codon mode
  • [CORRECTED] A bug related preventing the use of previously selected enzymes in the Virtual Cutter Window


Publisher Serial Basics
Publisher web site
Release Date March 06, 2013
Date Added March 06, 2013
Version 2.6


Category Educational Software
Subcategory Math Software

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7
Additional Requirements None

Download Information

File Size 16.73MB
File Name SerialCloner2-6.dmg


Total Downloads 19,092
Downloads Last Week 2


License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free
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