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VBE/KH-GHOST BOX PRO 0116 APK for Android

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Key Details of VBE/KH-GHOST BOX PRO 0116

  • Using the Already proven Tech from Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P.
  • Last updated on June 6, 2024
  • There have been 3 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

Using the Already proven Tech from Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P.

Using the Already proven Tech from Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P. ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBE.VBEGHGHOSTBOXPRO ) We've added new Hack Shack Radio Loops.


1) 20-125 Forward Audio ( Kevin Himes )

2) 20-125 Reverse Audio ( Kevin Himes )

3) 12-589 Forward Audio ( Rickyvb )

4) 12-589 Reverse Audio ( Rickyvb )

New Features over VBE Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P:

1) Calibration Control ( Full X,Y,Z Sensor Tweaking )

2) Rapid Radar

3) RE Calibration Timer ( User Controlled )

4) Delay Timer ( User Controlled )

5) Spirit Controlled Delay Senors ( 00 Setting )

6) Audio Loop Menu ( 4 Tracks of Looped Hack Shack Radios )

7) Check Mark Audio Selection ( Select 1 or Select 4 )

8) Sensor Lock ( Control Calibration for 1 sensor or all 3 )

9) Full Read out ( No more guessing if the app is working. Visual Data of all sensors )

10) One Screen Display of Buttons and Sensors in Text form.



Calibration Settings:

1) Calibration is done by the buttons at the bottom. ( Default is for Powerful Spirits )

2) By pressing the ( - ) Button. The sensors max allowance is lowered. ( MORE SENSITIVE )

3) By pressing the ( + ) Button. The Sensors Max allowance is Raised ( Less Sensitive )

Note: Always adjust your sensors for your spirits. This allows even weak spirits to speak to you.

Want audio too? Continue... if not, go to A)

4) Press the Play button. ( This audio is by default a short burst from 20-125 Audio from Kevin Himes. )

Note: If you want spirit controlled Bursts. Continue... if not, go to A)

5) Press the MENU icon button.

6) Select your audio loops, by touching the check box and adding a check mark. ( 1 - 4 tracks to select All or 1 )

7) Press the Back button.

A) Start asking your Questions.


Note: Please read this. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Like posted above. Allow your spirit time at the default Setting to communicate. If you believe the spirit is there and you are getting nothing. You need to adjust the calibration for that spirit.

1) First, tell your spirit to keep saying something. I.E. The alphabet over and over.

2) Press the ( - ) button. ( Default all three locked. Any ( - ) button will work )

3) Wait about 10 seconds

Did you get a response? NO? Continue... Yes? Read anyway for weaker spirits. lol

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3, until you get some kind of response.


Note: This puppy helps you determine, which sensor the spirit likes the most. You can now unlock the sensors by pressing the sensor button in Red. ( Red Locked, Blue Unlocked )

If your Radar is constantly aiming in one direction. You may ether have a Spirit to that direction or the spirit is only effecting one Sensor.

To make the device even more friendly for your spirit. Follow the directions below. The directions are by Example.

EXAMPLE: Right aiming Radar only.

1) Press the ( - ) on only the x and z sensors.

2) Repeat steps 2 -3 above in the Calibration settings info.

You should now have a radar fully functioning and a fully calibrated device, for your spirit at it's power level. Stress free for the spirit. He or She, does not have to muster up power to speak anymore. You made it easy for he or she.

Future Communication:

Note: Yes, chances are fantastic you will speak to a spirit. Ask that spirit's name and write down your calibration for future communication.

Special Thanks goes out to KEVIN HIMES and everyone one my loyal Customers. With out your fantastic Reviews and Comments. I would have stopped making Ghost Applications for everyone and just used them for myself.

Here's to a Great year of Breaking through to the other side and learning more to better are abilities to speak with them. Thank you Again. = )

Kevin Himes Links:

Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.himes.79?fref=ufi

Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/kevmodee1866

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