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  • For all who can speak English or Chinese. For all who love Japanese language and Japanese Sushi.
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For all who can speak English or Chinese. For all who love Japanese language and Japanese Sushi.
Nowadays you are able to eat sushi almost everywhere around the world. But, wait a minute. Are they "true sushi"? Wouldn't you want to try genuine, traditional Japanese style sushi? Let me bring you in to the world of true Edo-mae Sushi. First of all, what is sushi? Typical sushi is called "Nigiri" which is sashimi (row fish) or cooked fish or shellfish on top of sushi-meshi(rice seasoned with sweet rice-wine vinegar) and flavored with wasabi in between. Another styles called "Makimono" and "Gunkan-maki" are rolled style sushi. sushi-meshi is rolled up with "nori" like a black paper. Of course, it is not a paper. "Nori" is made from dried layered seaweed and is a part of important Japanese diet. These sushi are dipped into soy sauce before eating. Soy sauce is usually called "sho-yu" but in a sushi restaurant they are often called "Murasaki" meaning purple. While eating Sushi, "Gari"( vinegared ginger) is eaten in between to refresh your palates. Also, don't miss out "Agari" which is a hot green tea and a perfect match with Sushi. Beer and "Sake" (Japanese rice wine) also goes perfectly with Sushi. In early 19th century (Edo period) sushi was known as a fast food, such as hamburger and sandwiches in western world. As you know by eating Sushi, you are able to consume rice and protein(mainly fish) at the same time. Now Sushi is known as one of most expensive and luxury food. In near future price of "Maguro"(red tuna) is said to rise even higher due to capture restriction. But not to worry. In this application there are two parts; "Novice Class" is for those who prefer more of casual style sushi, such as "Kaiten Zushi (conveyor belt sushi)" or "takeout" style. "Expert Class" is for those who would like to experience traditional style sushi in authentic sushi restaurant. In "Novice", you will be able to enjoy sushi in very low price. One dish is around 100 to 150 yen. If you are looking for more of the traditional style sushi, go for "Expert". In "Expert Class", it will allow you to search from high to low price range, different style of sushi and variety of "neta(topping)" including cooked style and vegetarian style sushi. It also will pronounce the sushi netain fluent Japanese language for your order. If you ever come to Japan and sit at the sushi counter, please use this content to help you enjoy " true sushi". By the time you ask for "Oaiso"(means check or bill), you will become an "Sushi"expert.

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