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  • Create basic and advanced interval workouts and timers with ease! JUST TYPE in the workouts as plain text, following few simple rules. Use Kutya...
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Create basic and advanced interval workouts and timers with ease! JUST TYPE in the workouts as plain text, following few simple rules. Use Kutya...
Create basic and advanced interval workouts and timers with ease! JUST TYPE in the workouts as plain text, following few simple rules. Use Kutya Timer as your faithful training partner in the gym or at home to take you through your HIIT, circuit, tabata and similar interval workouts.Kutya Timer is a versatile workout timer app which allows you to create workouts with timed steps in the most natural way: You just type the workout in as plain text. Follow the simple rules and Kutya Timer sets up the timers for you. Got a workout from a friend or found a routine in the Internet? Copy and paste the text and perhaps edit the timings a bit - your workout is all set.Kutya Timer key features:- Create and edit timers with ease - just type them in as text plain text, following one simple rule: Any line of text you type which begins with duration/time information becomes an exercise in your interval workout. That's it!- Large display of time, current and up-next workout steps- Full screen landspace display with big text and numbers you can read from distance- Change quickly the number of workout rounds you want to do- Include comments, instructions and web links to your workout texts- Save workouts and use them later. Edit, copy, delete with ease.- 6 different color schemes to choose from for run-time display- Displays current interval round, total rounds, time elapsed and remaining - Pause & continue during the workout- Jump to next and previous step while program is running - just swipe the screen- Countdown functionality allows you to get set before the workout starts- Three sound options, or turn off sounds. Alternating beeps for two-step work/rest intevals.- Auto pause timer functionality allows to add non-timed steps to the workout- Allows you to listen to music on iTunes or similar during your workoutSAMPLE WORKOUTS/TIMERS: Kutya Timer comes with 15 ready-to-exercise sample timers/workouts which you can use as such, or as a basis for your own interval routines. Sample workouts include Tabata, a 7+ minute workout, sample routines for kettlebell training, circuit intervals, the "Death by" routine, treadmill sprinting. And most common basic interval timers too, for your convenience.COLOR SCHEMES: You can choose between 6 run-time color schemes: Plain white, blue, red, grey, black/green and pink. SIMPLE, QUICK EDITING: Just *type* your workout in, give it a title, set number of interval rounds and you are good to start your workout. Want to create quick timer with a couple or steps? Basic interval and countdown timers can be created in just seconds. Copy and paste to and from Kutya Timer: Share workouts with text. Send and receive workout texts by email, messenger apps, sms - like any other text. Create advanced workouts with full-size keyboard, paste the text to Kutya Timer.ADD COMMENTS AND LINKS: You can embed comments, instructions or any other text as much you like to your workouts. Found a great video in the internet teaching a new interesting exercise? Add a link to your Kutya Timer workout and tap the link to watch the video before launching the timer.NON-TIMED STEPS SUPPORT: Kutya Timer "autopause" functionality allows you to embed also non-timed steps to your routines. The timer stops as you have defined, you do your reps and re-start the timer just tapping anywhere on screen.SAVE WORKOUTS FOR FUTURE USE: Save interval workouts for future use, quickly edit the existing ones or create copies to be modified. Delete the workouts you don't need anymore.Kutya Timer is a no-nonsense timer app developed by a HIIT/circuit training enthusiast himself. Designed to be simple yet powerful app which does what it is meant to do and do that well. No extra bells or whistles (well...some :-) - just focus on your workouts. Enjoy your exercising!

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