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Islamicly - Find Halal Stocks for iOS

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Key Details of Islamicly - Find Halal Stocks

  • Islamic & Halal investment.
  • Last updated on June 8, 2020
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Developer's Description

Islamic & Halal investment.

Islamicly is a retail app which would enable retail muslim consumers to get the most accurate and well researched real time information on Shariah compliance of global listed stocks, opening up the global equities markets for islamic retail investors.

Key Features:

Real time Shariah Compliant status for each stock globally - updated daily

Gives daily compliance status of individual stock

Create your own Portfolio and track your portfolio growth.

Instant alerts for compliance changes in your portfolio stocks.

Calculate your Purification values instantly.

Request for new stock addition if not part of existing coverage

Forums and stock related discussion for an all round view on stocks.

Mind behind Islamicly:

It is being launched from the stable of the worlds leading shariah equity screening and advisory firm having the backing of the worlds most respected shariah scholars. The team has the experience of screening shariah stocks for more than 20 years for some of the world's biggest Islamic financial institutions and Shariah compliant financial products around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is Islamicly App

Islamicly is an app that will help you discover and track Shariah Compliant stocks in most major markets in the world.

2.How is Islamicly App is different from others

This app offers the most up to date Shariah compliance status of stocks globally. It is backed by research conducted by one of the oldest and most comprehensive Shariah equity research firm having more than 2 decades of experience in this area.

3.What information can I find on the Islamicly App?

You can find the following information:

a. The latest Shariah compliant status of stocks listed in most global markets

b. The latest price information of the same (updated once a day)

c. The reason for Shariah compliance status of the stock

d. The dividend purification ratio of each stock

e. A forum to discuss Shariah compliant stocks, articles etc.

4.How can I find shariah compliant stocks on Islamicly App

Very simple. Download the app, register and start using it

The stocks in the Green color tabs are compliant and the ones in Red are non-compliant.

You may search stocks as well by either giving a name, ticker, market or sector as well.

5.How can I trust the information on the app?

We have built the app in the most credible manner as demonstrated below:

a. The research is conducted by the most experienced team in the Shariah equity screening space having 20 years of experience in this industry

b. Follows the Shariah screening criteria approved by the most respected Shariah scholars in the world

c. The screening is updated daily to ensure stocks are in compliance dynamically.

6.Can I invest in the Islamic companies mentioned on the app through Islamicly App?

At the moment, you cannot invest in Shariah compliant companies through the app. You will need to use your preferred stock broker to do the same i.e. you may check the Shariah compliant status of your choice of stocks and then invest in it through your preferred stock broker. In future, we may be able to enable this feature to invest directly from the app.

7.Can I create a portfolio for Shariah Compliant Stocks?

Yes, you can create a portfolio of your choice of stocks to help you track them. You may add and delete stocks based on your interests and requirement. If a stock in your portfolio turns non-compliant, you will be notified through the app notifications.

8.Is using this App free of cost?

Yes, it is absolutely free to download and use.

In future some of our advanced features might come for a small cost.

9.What is meant by Shariah-compliant investment?

Investments carried out in accordance with Shariah norms and standards are called Shariah Compliant Investments.

10.Islamicly App provides only Islamic stock information?

At the moment, this app will give you the tools to make your investments in stock Shariah compliant.

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