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  • explosion 2.
  • Last updated on 2/9/2020
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Developer's Description

explosion 2.

New type of story book in which letters move automatically and sound ,pictures are inserted.

The story itself is a success fiction story of a beautiful Japanese emergency temporary prime minister.She says nuclear deterrent is a relic of the past.This is edition 2 of 4 editions serial story named 'Explosion'.A strange rocket bomb fell over the Japanese diet building in Kasumigaseki Tokyo and fortunately did not burst. Is it a nuclear missile ? All members of the diet had run away.There appears a beautiful female member of House of Rrepresentatives and resolve this serious situation with many Japanese volunteers.At last she find the nuclear deterrent power is only a relic of the past pacific war and decides to throw all Japanese weapons in to the crater.Tjis story begins From Edition 1, and this is Edition 2, and 3 and 4 follows.