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Gps Speedometer: Digital Speed Analyzer & Maps APK for Android

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Key Details of Gps Speedometer: Digital Speed Analyzer & Maps

  • This gps speedometer for your car, motorcycle and Bicycle to easily measure speed, trip distance, elevation, travel time and more.
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Developer's Description

This gps speedometer for your car, motorcycle and Bicycle to easily measure speed, trip distance, elevation, travel time and more.

This gps speedometer for your car, motorcycle and Bicycle to easily measure speed, trip distance, elevation, travel time and more. speedometer hd for Car is free and has it all Heads Up Display too. You can also use it as a tachometer, odometer, during bike rides, running that you name it. While using gps speedometer recorder with Digital heads up display your phone is now a fully functional analog, digital speedometer. In real digital speedometer and speedometer car game based on your mobile phone's fast, rapid built in GPS which used the speed tracker to count the car speed. speedometer app for car allows you to calculate the speed in different kind of measurement units like miles per hour (mph), Kilometers per hour (km/h). Distance Meter, Odometer, HUD display can be switched between Digital and Analog HUD (Heads Up Display too) mode, which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection in a vehicle windshield of Digi HUD Distance Meter.

Digital gps speedometer 2020 is an advanced speedometer gauge that uses the built in GPS system to display the current and maximum speed. Digital speedometer gps offline Suitable for driving and cycling, the speed is displayed in analog and digital values. Hud view digital speedometer acts as a normal digital and analogue tachometer, which can display the vehicle speed in km/h and mph. Speedometer for rc cars is very accurate digital speedometer gps. Speed test meter keeps track of your max and average speed while traveling. You can easily switch between units of measurement (mph or km/h) for use in your vehicle (your cycle, your car, on a boat etc). You can track your vehicle speed by using this map speedometer. Moreover, you can place your phone on your car's dashboard and see the speed reflected in the front glass using HUD View (Head Up Display). you can also use this speedometer recorder while hiking OR while driving your car in a speed radar. gps speedometer motorcycle will work on the place of your speed box. gps speedometer sound used for detecting your vehicle current speed.

Main Feature of GPS Speedometer Distance Meter:

Gps Speedometer with Compass is Your assistant on The Road:

Your compass speedometer altimeter has a fantastic Heads Up Display (HUD) that enables you to see information from speedometer odometer compass in your windshield after you set up your device properly. Awesome feature to have speedometer compass widget have gone to a new level. This speedometer dashboard has many features like measure current speed, total distance, average speed, total time spent on journey, top speed of your journey and many more. Digital speedometer for car motorcycle and bicycle with speedometer gps offline.


This gps compass speedometer lite features a fully functional speedometer with both analog as well as digital speed display. Analog meter shows speed just like your car's speedometer using a dial and a needle, speedbox digital speedometer will show current speed in digits.

2.Speed Tracker

Speedometer tracks your current speed while driving in order to keep you in your speed limit by showing your current speed in miles per hour or km/h and automatically record average, maximum, low and high speed.

3.Analog Speedometer

Digital analog speedometer deals to customize and speedometer odometer compass shows your speed in analog mode while performing speed test and with units in mph or km/h.

4.Distance Meter

Analog car speedometer and digital speedometer bike keeps track of the distance you have covered in km or miles and shows notifications about speed limits.

5.Speed Alarm

You can set an alarm for a specific speed. As soon as you go beyond that speed, the alarm will start buzzing. It will alert you if you go beyond your speed limit. You can have many possible ways you can use this alarm. See following section.

Map Integration

Average speed, maximum speed.

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