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RouteBuddy is an advanced GPS Enabled Road Mapping Application for Mac OS X. Connect your USB Garmin to your Mac and synchronize Waypoints, Routes and Tracks with ease, RouteBuddy also works with NMEA or USGlobalSat devices to show position and additional data on a RouteBuddy Map. If using your Mac when travelling just connect a suitable BlueTooth or USB GPS receiver to show your location and record your track. RouteBuddy is the premium GPS Enabled Mapping Application for the Mac and the initial release is soon to be followed with free upgrades for Universal Binary and advanced Routing. RouteBuddy is in continual development with many more features in the pipeline and as soon as they are available these will be announced on our News page and in Version Tracker. RouteBuddy Maps are also available which presently cover a large portion of the road-mapped world and these will be greatly added to when new data becomes available to us.