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Readdle creates popular productivity apps such Spark email, Documents, Scanner Pro and PDF Expert. With over 65 million downloads and numerous awards, top positions on the App Store charts, our goal is to shape "the future of work". Spark 2.0 is coming - which is email for teams. We want to solve problem of team collaboration and communication around email. The team is 110 people and we managed to build a sustainable business, never taking VC money or external funding. Business model: paid apps, freemium apps with in-app purchases. Transitioning into subscription model. We see a huge opportunity in the existing ecosystem of iOS apps and beyond. Readdle drives long-term user engagement by providing products such as email, calendar, document scanning, PDF editing and file management. The strategy is to build services on top of our existing ecosystem of interconnected productivity apps, support new platforms and provide outstanding products for both consumers and businesses.