Launched in March 2006, GE-Data is a company specialized in geo-spatial technologies and geomatics. These technologies, resulting from a combination of geography and computer science, include all tools and methods to capture, represent and analyze geographic data. GE-Data focuses in particular on Google Earth technology. Released in 2005, this revolutionary tool is currently used by hundreds of millions of internet users around the world. Thanks to a substantial investment in research and development, GE-Data has invented and pioneered the KMLizer technology, which allows users to model and automate the creation of dynamic, interactive and informative Google Earth maps. KMLizer technology is the core engine of all neoMapper products for geomarketing. KMLizer technology is also used for agriculture, environment, tourism and territorial development applications. GE-Data has offices in France (Bidart and Toulouse) and in the USA (Bethesda, MD).