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Astroids for Windows

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Key Details of Astroids

  • Clear the Astroid field before its too late.
  • Last updated on August 28, 2015
  • There have been 4 updates

Developer's Description

Clear the Astroid field before its too late.
Prepare for the impossible. Clear the Astroid field before its too late. Watch out for flying saucers. Fun for all ages. Let your kids know what it was like when you were young. The generation gap has been leveled and the competition is on. Show your kids what it means to be an arcade champion. But wait, Astriods is nothing like what you remember. Ultra rapid fire with enhanced graphics and powerful foes. Astroids will challenge even the most daring space adventurer.The world is in danger of being destroyed by astroids which aliens have pushed from the astroid belt in an attempt to stop life as we know it! Only you can save earth from imminent destruction! But astriods may prove to be the least of your concerns as intelligent flying saucers fight their way through the astriod field to stop you from spoiling their plans. The new age of fun is here. Re-live the time when computer games were fun, adventuresome, and did not go on forever and ever - without end. Kids will love this fast action packed game. Parents and Teachers will appreciate a game that does not take children away from reading or study - but instead give them a break to let their imaginations soar.Astroids brings back the fun of the good old days by placing old challenges in a newer, richer environment. Enjoy the excitement without constantly wasting quarters. Take a break from daily tasks and sit down to enjoy a quick light hearted game of Astroids. Refresh your mind and skills. Do not let the moment pass you by. Experience a revival of youth by taking on new challenges.

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