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Zoner Software

A small gang of photography lovers founded Zoner Software in 1993. This "garage" firm gradually grew into the large company that Zoner is today - one of the foremost photography software development companies. The flagship Zoner Photo Studio is used by over 2 million customers in the USA and elsewhere. Thanks to our constant digital photo processing innovations, we were the first of our kind to offer e.g. 3D photos and GPS geotagging of photographs. Zoner Photo helps in every step of a digital photo's life: from downloading, to automated organizing, to basic and advanced edits, to sharing e.g. on social networks. This program is used by photographers, companies, governments, and the non-profit sector. Zoner Software is also one of the largest web hosting and e-commerce providers in the Czech Republic, and is an accredited European domain registrar. The company's other non-software activities include its Czechia webhosting service, the inShop.