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Xilvan Design

Since 2004, I has bought a copy of Blitz3D development language. I wanted to create 3D rpgs, action, adventures, plateformers & racing games was supposed to release games for all ages: to create all the games from Xilvan Design. Firstly, our very first three-dimensional product was Age of Dream. After, we started the Lights of Dreams, Candy World in 3D, Candy World Adventure(in 2D), Candy to the Rescue, Candy Racing Cup, Candy in Space, Candy's Space Adventures series. Secondly, I am now creating our currents games: Candy's Space Mysteries II & Lights of Dreams V. Thirdly, characters were modelled & animated with 3D Studio Max 8 & 2020, textured with Adobe Photoshop Element 2, 9 & 12, the Music was made with Anvil Studio in 2006.