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Wrocklage Intermedia

Aloaha Software forms part of Wrocklage Intermedia. During the mid-90's when the internet was becoming more and more popular Ibb-Online was born as a branch of Wrocklage GmbH. The Idea of Ibb-Online was to deliver complete Online Service Solution. Over time more and more customers were using our professional services to work hand in hand with the new technologies of the Internet. Our Know-How as Internet provider and our expertise in Networking was therefore more than welcomed. The business of Ibb-Online continued to grow at a fast pace. As a response to these challenge new partnerships with major players were established to cater for our wider clientele. In 2003 Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH was born as an independent company to deliver technical solutions. In 2004 Aloaha Software was launched by our team of IT specialists. This step was decisive for managing our ongoing IT innovative ideas. Aloaha stands for our inspiration to cater for all your IT needs.