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ThoughtOffice is the developer and marketer of the ThoughtOffice Innovation Software Suite: brainstorming, creativity, coaching and consulting software solutions. The firm also develops tools and technologies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and optimizing Public Relations campaigns online through our strategic partner, Based in Portland, Oregon metro, the company has been operating since 1986 as developers and marketers in various software, firmware and hardware. We've sold through iOmega, Digital River, Academic Distributing, Egghead, traditional and off the beaten path channels. Bundle deals are our specialty, as well as promotion using online PR and strategic partnerships. Currently focused on OSX and XP-Vista software, we also look at opportunities in Linux and other strong niche players. We take on a few projects each year that require world-class development in markets we understand, and have some form of long-term upside for the company. We'd rather play with engaging, fun, cool people than do the biggest deal in the world.