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1.Economical:copy 1-12 sim numbers.All GSM V1 system card can be copied2.complementary:Readable and re-writable to any number of different communication operator such as china mobile and china Unicom, strong signal, smooth communication, never miss any call.3.Never re-power on: when put magicsim card into the mobile and install STK function, it can switch another number automatically without power on the mobile to change card.4.Secret: with several numbers, different numbers to different people. Let you smooth in dealing with business & privacy., protect your private space without disturbing. Enable to deal smoothly in special business such as liability . Moreover, leave space to your lover & friends with anonymous sim card.5.Huge capacity: common mobile card just can store only 100 groups numbers, but you can get 250 groups numbers & 80groups short massages after installing Magicsim sim card with 12 numbers.