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Sorax Software

The main profile of our company is centered around the rightly popular PDF standard documents whether it is about their handling, displaying or processing. We undertake the preparation of solutions on the basis of our products: Sorax Reader Professional and Sorax PDF SDK. In addition, we produce Adobe acrobat Plug-Ins as well.By developing the Sorax PDF SDK components and the Sorax Reader software that builds on them we set out to fill a gap that has not been filled for a long time on the market. Our primary aim with the development was the creation of a PDF handling component, which is small, easily applicable, quick, and provides a high level of flexibility regarding the display, printing and further operations. While preparing the Sorax PDF SDK component, our principle aims have not changed; however, here it was the aspects of the user that were primarily regarded, instead of the development itself. We hope that you will benefit from the results of our efforts