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Novelty Photo Software

Caricature Studio 6 was conceptualized in 2005 as a desktop application designed to bring caricature art to the desktop. It was created by a caricature artist and developer who saw a unique opportunity to bring technology and art together in a way that was accessible for anyone, not just artists or photographers. Originally offered as a consumer application, it grew in scope until being completely redesigned and split into two separate products. Caricature Studio 6 is the latest consumer version. Novelty Photo Studio 6 was released simultaneously as an event photography solution for amusement vendors, and was the result of collaboration between event photographers, programmers and artists. It was created with the intent of offering an interesting and unique alternative to the current industry-standard software packages used for live photo event vending. Novelty Photo Software LLC, besides developing our own products, has worked on development projects for other companies including Mattel, Inc.