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NirSoft Web site was originally in created in 2001 as a personal Web site which provided a few utilities that I developed for my own use. In the beginning, NirSoft was hosted in some "free" Web hosting services like Tripod and Unfortunately, these "free" Web sites produced a fair amount of annoying popup ads and some of them even tried to install unwanted Spywares on the computer of the site visitors. Also, after my site became pretty popular, they disabled my hosting account because I used too much resources on their server. In August 2004, after suffering from all these free services, I decided to purchase a domain for my site ( and host it in a non-free hosting service, in order make my Web site more reliable, friendly and secured. In the days that I started with domain, my site was already popular more than an average Web site, with more than 90,000 unique visitors and 1.5 million hits in a month.