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Limit Point Software

<p>Limit Point Software has been avidly developing software for the Mac community since 1997. In order to improve the usefulness, simplicity and dependability of our products user feedback has always been highly welcome and encouraged.</p> <p>Our products cover a diverse range of applications. The internet applications include bulk emailing, HTML form processing, web crawling and document indexing and searching.</p> <p>Convenience type software simplifies uploading files to common FTP locations, accessing URL's from contextual menus, cataloguing file hierarchies or creating images from Finder icons.</p> <p>Other convenience type applications enable you to quickly and easily create email reminders, access files on the desktop, switch desktop pictures or have multiple desktops to reduce clutter.</p> <p>The "Utilities" suite is a large collection of small programs for combining movies, processing images in batch, file property editing, downloading and converting YouTube files, and much, much more.</p>