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iambic writes innovative software applications for handheld computers. We are focused on developing sophisticated, yet user-friendly solutions that help both business organizations and individuals everywhere save time, increase efficiency, manage their activities more effectively, and get the most out of their handheld devices. Our products improve data entry accuracy and collection, reduce paperwork, and extend the reach of the digital nervous system of any enterprise. With our software and mobile computing devices, businesses and individuals everywhere can better move at today\'s increasing pace, taking a digital approach to their activities and improving their productivity and efficiency. We started out in 1994 with a great set of pioneering customers and industry visionaries. These individuals wanted to run demanding applications on both the handheld and the desktop, and then integrate the data to a central server. They wanted to realize the promise of handheld devices in saving time, having fun, and doing exciting new things that were never possible before with other computing devices. We strove to exceed the needs and expectations of these individuals through creativity, technological innovation, a thorough understanding of the market, and a strong focus on research and development. We continue to share this vision with our customers and the industry as a whole and believe there is an ever-growing opportunity for software of real value that takes advantage of the unique capabilities and flexibility of handheld computers. iambic has a very ambitious view of the role of handheld computers in the future and we plan to move the field up to a whole new level by revolutionizing the software that drives the handheld industry.