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Graugon is a software development group that has its roots in data protection, system performance and security software. With nine years' experiences in maintaining a number of free and low cost software projects the company is ever expanding into new horizons.In a world where software security is key, developing software to protect your system at all costs is an enormous task and this we see as our responsiblity.In 2003 Graugon released its low-cost, yet very competant AntiVirus software, Graugon AntiVirus, to offer protection against all malware on Windows platforms and since then the AntiVirus database has grown from strength to strength.Today Graugon AntiVirus is able to protect against all known viruses, adware, spyware and worms with its up-to-date virus database.Graugon stives to truimph in every aspect of software development, be it open source or otherwise.