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Eastern Star Software

Eastern Star Software (ESS) is a computer-software firm based in Guwahati, India and established on April 02, 2004 under the leadership of Susmita Ahom, a resident of South Sarania, Guwahati-7. It has been established with the aim of working towards piracy-free distribution and sale of locally made various computer software in North-East India, besides working as a nucleus for further innovative software development. In addition, it aims to also perform trouble-free, on-call, legal on-site installation of renowned computer freeware and shareware (including free anti-virus packages that could be updated frequently) to the interested computer users in this part of the country. Very few of the computer users in North-East India frequently updates their anti-virus package, working with even years-old versions and updates, and exposing their computers to real threats of virus attacks. ESS intends to work towards filling this lacuna, while at the same time generating some employment.

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