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CryptoHeaven Development Team

<b>Company Profile</b> <p> CryptoHeaven™ is a service of CryptoHeaven Development Team, an Internet Privacy and Security group with Secure Data Center servers located in Toronto, Canada. <p> CryptoHeaven's philosophy is simple; offer great service, excellent support and competitive prices. CryptoHeaven stands behind their products. To show how confident we are with our unstoppable reliability, CryptoHeaven provides free technical support to all our clients. <p> CryptoHeaven allows your group to send encrypted e-mail, securely backup and share files, pictures, charts, business documents, sounds, schematics, drawings, prints, and any other form of electronic media through a secure environment. CryptoHeaven makes it simple to archive, store, access, and share information among coworkers, work groups, clients, and customers through this easy to use online service. <p> <b>Vision</b> <p> CryptoHeaven's goal is to deliver the dream of secure Internet communications to individual and small business customers.