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Claesson Edwards Audio

Claesson Edwards Audio LLC provides audio enhancement software. The company was founded by two of the original founders of Octiv, Leif Claesson and Keith Edwards. Octiv was acquired by Plantronics in 2005 and was eventually renamed Volume Logic.Leif Claesson, the original inventor of the OctiMax audio processing core technology utilized by Octiv and Volume Logic, has completed redesigned his new Breakaway audio processing algorithm. The result is that Breakaway is the best sounding audio processor on the market. Youll be amazed just how clear your songs sound.Consumers can now enjoy the same audio quality and consistency that the pros create when producing a CD. Breakaway remasters your digital music library as you play your tunes on a computer media player. Consumers are free from distracting volume changes since any playlist sound greats with automatic volume matching and spectral balancing.