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Whizzo Technologies

Whizzo Technologies Inc. was originally formed as a computer repair business in 2003. We noticed that one of the largest problems we faced was due to viruses, spyware and poor computer maintenance. We also noticed that many of our customers were actively searching for software that would fix their problems before they had to call us for help. If the purchased software was not able to solve the problem, then they would call us. Often, the software packages they purchased to fix their problems did not work and the customers were generally frustrated and disappointed. Along with security fixes for viruses and spyware, we also performed a routine maintenance on computers. We noticed that our maintenance procedure often overlapped with the security fixes, and followed a logical process of scans and fixes. We thought why not create a program that simply follows the logical process with one simple click? for our customers? From this idea Whizzo Technologies was born!
Whizzo Technologies
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