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SVIC India eLearning Company

SVIC INDIA (Scholastic Versatile Integration Centre from INDIA) SVIC INDIA eLearning Company was established in 2007 and is a widely acclaimed company engaged in providing expert solutions to a wide spectrum of fields related to eLearning, Content encryption and developing, Database driven software, ERP, Web Applications, Cloud and Multimedia Solutions. It is a software solution company, emphasizing both on business and educational applications. We Develop software applications and providing services is designed to help optimize multi-channel selling for educational organizations and various other solutions. The company's solutions include partner relationship management and enhanced order management software, with e-commerce capabilities to reduce channel conflict and increase customer visibility throughout the demand chain. Products and services are sold to high-tech educational organizations, content publishers and various other solutions through channel partners and dealers.

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SVIC India eLearning Company
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