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Sonic Solutions

Sonic is the world's leading supplier of authoring systems for digital media â?? DVD and CD â?? production. Beginning in 1986, Sonic set the standard for quality, productivity and creativity for digital audio workstations and CD premastering. It built upon this success with the introduction of the first commercial systems for DVD production in 1996. Sonic's core strengths include an in-depth knowledge of digital media formats, including CD and the many variations of DVD media, and the formats used for audio and video information including MPEG. In addition, the company has built considerable expertise in the presentation of friendly, yet powerful, authoring and editing environments to facilitate the rapid, yet creative, production of titles. Sonic's success through the years, in fact, has come from this ability to leverage format and presentation knowledge into powerful and practical products that enable non-technical creative people to author award winning titles.
Sonic Solutions
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