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MDSolids Software

MDSolids is educational software designed to assist engineering students in the introductory mechanics of materials course. MDSolids explains and solves a wide variety of engineering problems commonly found in the mechanics of materials course. MDSolids is also very useful for practicing engineers who would like a fast, easy-to-use tool to perform a variety of basic calculations. MDSolids has routines pertaining to all of the topics taught in a typical mechanics of materials course. Twelve modules pertaining to a wide range of common textbook problems are presently available: basic stress and strain, beam-and-strut axial problems, trusses, statically indeterminate axial structures, torsion, determinate beams, section properties, general analysis (of axial, torsion, and beam members), column buckling, pressure vessels, and Mohr's circle transformations. Each MDSolids routine features a picture, sketch, or plot that graphically depicts important aspects of the problem.

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MDSolids Software
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