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Brave Software

At Brave Software, we love browsers. We love using them and we love coding them. As the user interface to the Web, we know how important browsers are to the Internet. And - if you've been following the story of Brave Software - you know that we are very concerned about anonymity, privacy and security. In particular, ad tracking and malvertising have become modern day threats. Even if some people don't care about being tracked, they do care about malware being delivered to their computer or mobile device via an ad. Furthermore, the entire ad network infrastructure constitutes an attack upon low latency and efficient use of network resources: numerous redirects increase network traffic and make it difficult for the browser to render pages quickly and efficiently, particularly on mobile devices.

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Brave Software
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  • Browse faster and safer with automatic ad and tracker blocker.
    Windows Version 0.63.48 ... Added: 04/25/19
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